The Kappa Page

What is this page?

This is a page all about the Kappa. The Kappa is a meme among Twitch users (and now it seems other places.) The meme has become a sort of patron saint of light hearted trolling among the gaming community. Users typing Kappa into Twitch chat see a special emoticon featuring a smug looking human face. Commonly used to at the end of sentences to imply that you're not being serious. It might be easier to understand by looking at these image searches on Google and Bing. Or checkout the photos and videos below.

Who is Kappa?

Me. An ex employee. There are a couple people impersonating me online but, I only use twitter @lazythunk


How did this happen?
I worked on the chat client. There were existing faces of JTV employees and I added mine. For some reason Kappa was popular right away. It's probably because it's a fun word and it's easy to type.
Where does Kappa come from?
It's from the Japanese Kappa.
Has anyone recognized you?
I look different now but, occasionally I'll get asked for selfies. A lot at conventions.
Have you made money off of this?
Is it okay if I make money off of this?
The image is copyrighted and Kappa is a trademark. Please talk to Twitch.
Do you play games?
Do you stream?
Yes. Low-key, when I can on:


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