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What is this page?

This is a page all about the Kappa. The Kappa is a (very) minor meme among users of Twitch and related forums. The meme has become a sort of patron saint of light hearted trolling among the gaming community. Users typing 'Kappa' into Twitch chat see a special emoticon featuring a smug looking human face. Common usage seems to be replacing parts of words with 'Kappa' or typing 'Kappa' as much as possible.

It might be easier to understand by looking at these image searches on Google and Bing.
Or scroll to the bottom of this page for various Kappa related content.

Who is Kappa?

Me. An ex employee. There are a couple people impersonating me online.
I only use twitter @lazythunk (although I tweet very intermittently.)

FAQ (mainly from coworkers who find this fact out)